√ anubis.
거짓에 가려진 모든 것을.
hi i'm hyun min and i'm a disaster.
왜? 아파... 아파.
기억은 잊어도 심장은 기억한다.

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asurah wondered: You were lonely? I'm sorry. And congratulations on all the progress you're making. I'm really impressed. Is that why you went away? For school? Or did you just need a break? Haha yes it has been two years, but only since I've talked to you. I don't know exactly when you went on hiatus. 저는 한국에 갔다왔고 저기 선교활동과 같은 일을 하면서 2년동안 살았어요. 그래가지고 이렇게 한국어 할줄 알게되었어요.

Haha it’s not a big deal, I just kind of missed tumblr was all. Thank you very much, I’m very happy! And yeah, mostly school work, I was very busy. Aish… I didn’t realize it’s been that long. ;; Oh, that’s amazing. You’ve picked up Korean? I’m happy for you!

Rilke (via sad-empty)

Tiny Griffin! The first in a mini series of mini mythological creatures.

Uta-sama ahsjhakaha